HMI Semester – Apply Now

When are applications due for the fall/spring HMI Semester?

The application deadline for the Fall Semester 2017 and Spring Semester 2018 has passed. Both semesters are currently fully enrolled. Students and families just finding out about HMI can consider applying late to our waitlist, or applying next year to attend HMI as a senior. For more information about either option contact the Admissions Office at or (719) 486-8200, x1.

To learn about our partner semester schools—some of which are still accepting applications—visit the Semester School Network website.

Application for the Fall Semester 2018 and Spring Semester 2019 will be due February 15, 2018. The online application will go live in late summer/early fall 2017.

Who is eligible to attend the HMI Semester?

Students apply for the HMI Semester as high school sophomores and attend in their junior year. Each year we have a small number of seniors (who apply as juniors) join the Semester as well.

How do I apply?

A complete application will include the following:

  1. A complete online application, including responses to the three essay questions listed below (online application will be available starting the week of 9/25/17)
  2. An official copy of your high school transcript, including up-to-date fall semester grades
  3. Two recommendations, with at least one coming from a current core academic teacher (English, math, etc.) The second may come from any current or past teacher, mentor, counselor, coach, etc.
  4. A $35 application fee, payable on the online application platform. Application fee waivers are available by request
  5. If applying for financial aid, please submit a complete financial aid application by February 15. Financial aid application fee waivers are also available by request

Wondering how to submit your transcript and teacher recommendations? Please click here.

Application essay questions (answer all three):

1. Please describe a significant event, person, or experience in your life and explain how this force has shaped the person that you are today.

    • One-two paragraphs (maximum 2,000 characters, including spaces) is an appropriate length.
2. We believe every student brings a unique perspective that strengthens our community. What makes your perspective different from that of your peers?
    • One-two paragraphs (maximum 2,000 characters, including spaces) is an appropriate length.

3. Which single extracurricular are you most passionate about and why? This is not necessarily the extracurricular to which you commit the most time. Possible answers include a sport, club, volunteer work, summer camp, etc.

    • One paragraph (maximum 1,500 characters, including spaces) is an appropriate length.

When will I hear if I am accepted?

Admissions decisions will be sent via email on Monday, March 19, 2018. Enrollment agreements are due back to HMI by Monday, April 9 for both the Fall and Spring Semesters.