HMI & Your Sending School

Accredited by The Association of Colorado Independent Schools, HMI works with public and private schools from around the world. HMI strives for a smooth transition between academic classes in Leadville and those at our sending schools. Students and teachers complete questionnaires in math and Spanish prior to the start of the Semester in an effort to meet the need of their sending school curricula. Year-long courses, such as US History, follow similar trajectory to sending schools. Many students report being ahead of their peers when they complete their HMI Semester.

While HMI has had students attend from hundreds of schools nationally and internationally, you may not find yours in the map below. If that is the case, please contact the admissions office as most schools support students in attending HMI. We are happy to speak with your school and discuss the curriculum, our credit exchange, and more. You may reach us by phone, 719-486-8200 x1, or e-mail

Member Schools

Member Schools are institutions that are officially affiliated with the HMISemester. Each school is given HMI Semester and Summer Term admissions priority and may promote the HMI Semester as an ongoing addition to their curriculum. The Member Schools are:

  • Concord Academy (Concord, Massachusetts)
  • The Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences (Santa Monica, California)
  • Dana Hall School (Wellesley, Massachusetts)
  • The Hotchkiss School (Lakeville, Connecticut)
  • Lake County High School (Leadville, Colorado)
  • The Masters School (Dobbs Ferry, New York)
  • The Packer Collegiate Institute (Brooklyn, New York)

The map below displays the home schools of all students who have attended the HMI Semester. 

Click any pin for individual school information.