We have transitioned to online enrollment for the HMI Semester. Accepted families will receive a link via email to view, sign, and submit enrollment documents electronically.

Enrollment Forms (View Only) to be Completed via the Online Enrollment Platform.  Please login to your HMI account to complete these forms electronically.  Parents click here and Students click here.

Enrollment Agreement, Fall Semester

Enrollment Agreement, Spring Semester

General Medical History & Information Form

Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks & Release and Indemnity Agreement

Medical Form to be Completed by a Physician 

Health Care Provider Physical Form

Enrollment Forms for Teachers/Schools to Complete:

College Counseling Questionnaire

Math Questionnaire Directions, Fall Semester

Math Questionnaire Directions, Spring Semester

Math Questionnaire

Spanish Questionnaire Directions

Spanish Questionnaire

Information (does not need to be returned):

Curriculum Guide

Checklist and Miscellaneous Information

Travel Information

Lodging Information

On-Campus Packing List

Wilderness Equipment & Packing List

Independent Study Guidelines

Questions about enrollment, travel, and deposits: Contact Aimee Goldstein, Administrative Assistant for the HMI Semester, at 719-486-8200 x106 or via email at

Questions about academics: Contact Carrie Mallozzi, Academic Dean & Assistant Head of School, at 719-486-8200 x127 or via email at

Questions about the wilderness program or equipment: Contact Justin Talbot at 719-486-8200 x111 or via email at