We have transitioned to online enrollment for the HMI Semester. Accepted families will receive a link via email to view, sign, and submit enrollment documents electronically.

Enrollment Forms to be Completed via the Online Enrollment Platform:

Enrollment Agreement, Fall Semester

Enrollment Agreement, Spring Semester

General Medical History & Information Form

Acknowledgment and Assumption of Risks & Release and Indemnity Agreement

Medical Form to be Completed by a Physician 

Health Care Provider Physical Form

Enrollment Forms for Teachers/Schools to Complete:

College Counseling Questionnaire

Math Questionnaire Directions, Fall Semester

Math Questionnaire Directions, Spring Semester

Math Questionnaire

Spanish Questionnaire Directions

Spanish Questionnaire

Information (does not need to be returned):

Curriculum Guide

Checklist and Miscellaneous Information

Travel Information

Lodging Information

On-Campus Packing List

Wilderness Equipment & Packing List

Independent Study Guidelines

Questions about enrollment, travel, and deposits: Contact Aimee Goldstein, Administrative Assistant for the HMI Semester, at 719-486-8200 x106 or via email at

Questions about academics: Contact Carrie Mallozzi, Academic Dean & Assistant Head of School, at 719-486-8200 x127 or via email at

Questions about the wilderness program or equipment: Contact Justin Talbot at 719-486-8200 x111 or via email at