At the HMI Summer Term, learning and coaching extend beyond the four walls of the classroom.

On wilderness expeditions, students will have authentic adventures that teach them about leadership and their own potential—and they will receive coaching on how to transfer these skills beyond HMI.  They will also keep a journal to record their thoughts, experiences and memories—from reaching the top of a peak, to new realizations through conversations with new friends, to finding the humor in a hiking day which didn’t go as planned.

On campus, faculty will provide lessons on turning those journal entries into a formidable personal essay, as well as the opportunity to polish it. Workshops with peers will help everyone grow in the art of giving and receiving feedback. By the end of the term, students will share their essay with the community and return home with a written capture of their experience.

HMI is designed for students who are intellectually curious and enthusiastic about learning by doing. Previous experience—in backpacking and camping, or straight As in English—are not required. A willingness to work hard, try new things, problem solve, and support others will take an individual further than any set of skills.