Wilderness expeditions are highlights of the HMI Summer Term

During the Summer Term, two ten-day wilderness backpacking expeditions provide a unique environment to practice leadership and develop skills to live and travel in remote settings. Expeditions also provide an amazing backdrop for field classes, as the stunning scenery of the Rocky Mountains becomes a laboratory to explore and a source of inspiration.

The wilderness curriculum during the summer delves into skills students can transfer to life at home and/or to expeditions they lead in the future. Among other skills, students will learn how to read a map, how to cook delicious meals over a one-burner stove, and how evaluate and manage the hazards inherent to the outdoors. The backcountry also provides an ideal setting for students to develop leadership and communication skills, whether by leading their peers or receiving coaching from instructors. These experiences improve self-awareness, build an open-midedness to diversity, and develop interpersonal skills that will transfer far beyond the wilderness boundaries.


Typical Day on an Expedition