24Oct, 2020

HMI Gap: High Hopes and Hungry Minds

A student’s account of the first two “climbing basecamps” in the Rock Climbing & Conservation Semester. Written by: Clara Mizock An excellent second expedition has come to a close. We’ve taken the next step in our climbing progression by diving …

22Oct, 2020

HMI Gap: Just A Normal day

A student reflection of the time Wilderness & Conservation 2 spend at their basecamp near Moab, UT. Written by: Cole Norsworthy You wake up to one or two bright stars remaining in a dark blue sky. You turn over in …

HMI gap, adventure and conservation, backpacking, patagonia national park, gap year
27Nov, 2019

Gap: Traditions of Patagonia

Written by: Josh and Laria I’ve been horizontal for 11 hours and caught about 5 hours of sleep. The wind has been assaulting our “tent” for about 14 hours. It’s a good thing Flynn was running around all night keeping …

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