What We Do

Students come to HMI for life-changing experiences during a semester or summer of high school, or in the years immediately following for a semester of a gap year. The Apprentice Program, our teacher fellowship program, works with college graduates beginning a career in education, and our Educators’ Expedition offers summer professional development for teachers and school administrators. From our campus high in the Rocky Mountains to the wilds of Patagonia, our students travel into the wilderness and foster communities of shared responsibility, creating the foundation for rigorous intellectual experiences.

Our Programs

High School Semester

High School Summer Term

HMI in 90 Seconds

HMI at a glance

  • HMI is an accredited, not-for-profit independent school and gap year provider
  • Our high school semester program awards academic credit for classes that align with course requirements at sending schools across the country
  • Approximately 150 motivated, high-achieving students and 30 adults participate in HMI programs each year; HMI is not a wilderness therapy or rehabilitative school
  • All HMI programs combine exploration of the natural world with intellectual pursuits and intentional community
  • All HMI programs involve backpacking; some also involve rock climbing and backcountry skiing
  • No previous outdoor experience is necessary to participate; many of our students are new to these activities
  • HMI awards over $800,000 annually in need-based financial aid

HMI is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that welcomes students of diverse racial, ethnic, social-economic, and geographic backgrounds.  We are a fully accredited school through The Association of Colorado Independent SchoolsThe Association of Experiential Education, and The Gap Year Association. Further, we are a member of The National Association of Independent SchoolsThe Semester School NetworkThe National Business Officers Association, and The Colorado Diversity Network.

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