There is no “typical” HMI Gap student, but many of our students join the Gap experience for similar reasons: to expand their worldview, to expand their perspective beyond the classroom, to find themselves through challenge. These shared values might mean that although you come from different states, or even a different country, your cohort will likely find common ground through your experience of exploring what the natural world has to offer. An emphasis on creating a community of shared responsibility draws students to our program who are passionate about doing the tough work necessary to nourish the dynamics of a close-knit group.

Meet Alumni & Current Gap Students

Currently, this section of our website is “Under Construction.” We are excited to share with you more stories about who our alumni and current gap students are. Be on the lookout for this page to go live in the beginning of November, 2019. If you are an alum and want to share your story on our website please email for more information.