Summit Challenge

Thank you for joining us in our annual alumni giving campaign!

This year’s Alumni Summit Challenge is particularly special as it coincides with our 20th anniversary—20 years of HMI Semesters and Summer Terms!

During the 2017 Challenge we raised $37,690—enough to fund one Semester and one Summer Term scholarship! 31% of our Semester alumni participated in the Challenge, a wonderful show of support from our inspiring community.

Semester 24 came in first place with 73.8% participation, Semester 26 came in second place with 69% participation, and Semester 37 came in third place with 63.8% participation!

Our financial aid program is growing every year, in large part due to contributions to the Summit Challenge. As members of the HMI community, you know firsthand the power of time spent learning and living in this beautiful place, so thank you!

We hope you’ll consider supporting the Alumni Summit Challenge again next year, and help make HMI a reality for all students!