Summit Challenge

Thank you to everyone who participated in our annual alumni giving campaign!

This year we raised $60,915, which surpasses our $50,000 goal! We couldn’t have done this without all of your support!

We are excited to report that we received gifts from 40 semesters, seven Summer Terms, and three Gap programs!

Semester 37 is the winner of the Summit Challenge participation competition with 83% participation!

Our financial aid program is growing every year, in large part due to contributions to the Summit Challenge. As members of the HMI community, you know firsthand the power of time spent learning and living in this beautiful place, so thank you!


Summit Challenge Videos

Semester 41 on what HMI gives to them! 


A message from Sam Timberg, Semester 7 Alumnus and Alumni Council member, on why HMI is important to him, even after 17 years! 

Our next Summit Challenge will include all alumni gifts made to the HMI fund from 1/16/19—1/15/20. Make your donation to the HMI Fund today! Make it even easier by setting up a recurring gift.