Campaign for Community

Ensuring HMI remains meaningful is our collective responsibility.

As part of this effort, HMI began a seminal project to provide on-campus housing for faculty. Thanks to the support of our community, we recently completed our $4.5 million Campaign for Community and raised over $4.6 million; this campaign has already allowed us to build a Head of School home, and we are currently constructing employee townhomes in Phase II. Phase III will bring bring the construction of single-family homes. We remain deeply grateful to everyone who has helped to enable this reality for HMI.

Why On-Campus Housing?

On-campus housing will honor faculty members by providing quality homes that allow them more time with families. It will strengthen our program by increasing the time faculty spend with students, helping them build even more stellar relationships. Finally, it will ensure our fiscal sustainability by capitalizing a portion of benefits, allowing HMI to improve compensation without adding to the operating budget.

Join our Next Effort

HMI’s success is due to the individuals and families who believe in the power of this school and who make this institution a top philanthropic priority. With the Campaign for Community behind us, we are turning our attention now toward a new initiative: constructing an academic building to house and inspire a learning environment built on collaboration, inquiry, and mentorship.

For more information, or to make a leadership gift to help us start this campaign, please contact Reed Holden, Director of Development, at or 719-486-8200 x121.