HMI & College

The HMI Advantage

The college application process is the culmination of the high school experience. HMI is committed to advancing this process both by assisting in the journey of self-discovery and navigating the world of standardized tests and college counseling. Furthermore, it is clear to us that HMI alumni stand out when compared to the competition in college application pools.

Students return from the HMI Semester having completed a complement of Honors and AP-level courses and having developed analytical problem-solving skills that will help them be successful in the remainder of high school and college. They have demonstrated that they are risk-takers in the best sense, have the skills to live successfully in a residential environment, and possess a sense of curiosity about their learning and the world around them.

HMI alumni are ready to step outside their comfort zones and take control of their education, two traits recognized as assets by college admission officers. Over 75% of our alumni will request a letter of recommendation from an HMI teacher and a similar percentage will write their college essay about an experience they had at HMI. As America’s colleges and universities become increasingly selective, a unique experience such as HMI offers our alumni the chance to differentiate themselves from the vast majority of their peers.

Top colleges attended by HMI alumni in the past 5 years:

1. Colorado College
2. Middlebury College
3. Bowdoin College
4. University of Colorado Boulder
5. St. Lawrence University
6. Whitman College
7. Bates College
8. University of Vermont
9. Colby College
10. Dartmouth College
11. Skidmore College
12. Yale University
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