The HMI Advantage

We have all heard the phase “Junior year is important for college.” Junior year is important and HMI plays a central role in each student’s college journey. A semester at HMI helps students not only prepare for and stand out during the college application process, but sets them up for success during their years at college and beyond.

“Middlebury is always excited to welcome HMI alumni. They are confident, mature learners, and they know how to communicate, collaborate, think creatively, and problem-solve. HMI students are aware of a world that is greater than themselves, and they are prepared to make a difference in it.”

— Greg Buckles, Dean of Admissions, Middlebury College (Middlebury, VT)

Students leave the HMI Semester ready for the college process. They know more about who they are, what they hope to study, and the environments in which they thrive. The HMI Semester plays a central role in the college applications of most of our alumni. Over 75% of our alumni request a letter of recommendation from an HMI teacher; over 80% of students write their college essay about their time here. HMI allows students to differentiate themselves from their peers in increasingly competitive college admissions pools.

Our goal is to keep students engaged in the college search while at HMI so they return to their sending schools with the same advantages as their peers. During their semesters, students:

  • Take standardized tests, usually on our campus (AP exams, SATs, SAT II’s, and the PSAT)
  • Sit for sessions with experienced college counselors from our sending schools (spring semester only)
  • Visit either Colorado College or the University of Colorado, Boulder

“HMI students have transformative experiences through the unique combination of residential, wilderness and academic programs. These powerful moments prepare them for the rigors of college life and 21st century leadership.”

— Billy Corbett, Former Dartmouth College Assistant Director of Admissions (Hanover, NH)

Seniors receive individual attention, and families often use our school breaks, or the time before or after HMI for college tours. When visiting colleges, HMI alumni often make arrangements to meet up with older HMI alumni—people for whom they suddenly feel enormous affinity—who attend those schools.

Over the past five years, HMI alumni have most frequently attended the following colleges: Colorado College, Middlebury College, Bowdoin College, University of Colorado Boulder, St. Lawrence University, Whitman College, Bates College, University of Vermont, Colby College,  Dartmouth College, Skidmore College, and Yale University.

“GFA students generally don’t gain admission to colleges just because of their GPA and standardized test scores. They find, match, and gain admission because of the stories they tell…”

— Michael Pina, Director of College Counseling, Greens Farms Academy (Westport, CT), speaking with regards to HMI and other semester schools