HMI in 90 seconds: Where Nature and Minds Meet

High School Semester and Summer Term: Study away in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado

HMI Summer Term: Open to rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors

HMI Gap: a rock climbing and conservation semester for 18-22 year olds in the American West and Patagonia.

The Apprentice Program: a professional residency in traditional and outdoor education.

People of HMI: A Semester 35 student shares his story about getting to HMI.

Simple in Means, Rich in Ends: The Story of the High Mountain Institute captures the creation and history of HMI and provides insight into the vision and leadership of Christopher and Molly Barnes. The video was created by Michael Gregory, HMI Trustee, RMS X alumnus and filmmaker.

Alumni Voices: reflections on the HMI experience and its influence on life after Leadville.

Semester 35 Family Weekend: An emotional moment for students and families

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